We have engineered the best possible hitch lift for you.
Our hitch lift solves most common issues associated with getting heavy objects into the back of your truck or vans including wheelchairs.

Why buy the Pit Bull Xtreme Lift?
Our platform is larger than other lifts | Greater lift capacity | Costs less than our competitors

Our lift gate is only $2,390 (plus $290 shipping & handling) $2,680 total

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Order The Pit Bull Xtreme - Lift Gate
(Fits trucks with receiver to ground distances of 15 to 25 inches)
The cost of this quality engineered hitch lift is only $2,390 for 1,500 lb. capacity,
(plus $290 shipping & handling) $2,680 total

This lift has a 50"x 50" platform 1,500 lb. capacity
Fits trucks with receiver to ground distances of 15 to 25 inches

Order the Pit Bull Xtreme Hitch Lift

Model Cost Lift Capacity Platform/Ramp size Order the Pit Bull Xtreme Hitch Lift
Pit Bull Lift Gate Xtreme $2,680
($2,390, plus $290 shipping & handling)
1,500 lbs. 50” X 50”




This lift has the largest platform available 50"x50" platform & 1,500 lb. capacity, and is for trucks with a ground to receiver distance of 15 to 25 inches

Pit Bull Xtreme Lift Gate is designed for vans and trucks to assist in lifting heavy objects including wheelchairs!

4 Videos to help:
Best Lift Gate for Wheelchairs
Removable Lift Gate (Fits Trucks & Vans)
Instruction - Attach & Remove in Just Minutes
1,500 lb. Lift Capacity!

Takes only minutes to install | Uses the truck battery (no charging a separate battery needed like other lifts) | Inserts into the box cavity unlike other lifts


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PB Hitch Lift offers several options to help make your life easier.

PB Hitch Lift was initially manufactured for service fleets, and is now available to the public for the first time!
The PB Hitch Lift is patent pending

Made in America!